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General Managers are of course a natural part of our talent pool concept. Mainly we will deliver them for clients from our focus industries.

Sales directors, managers and seniors will we also work with, but only within defined industries.

Business developers and project Managers are internal consultants, and as such fits right in with the profiles we search and nurture. These talents we will deliver outside our core industries

Finance positions also have skill requirements that we find in part of our core talent pool so these searches will we conduct across industries.

Marketing and especially Communications positions are also cross industry deliverable. Because of our prior experience, we claim to be quite unique on filling the communication positions. In this market we do not believe there are any other Norwegian headhunters with better understanding of integrated communication and what talents are needed to do the job right.

IT strategy positions we do across industries as well.

IT technology specialists, however, we only provide in special cases, most often to existing clients.

Board members are also a part of our core concept and we will work more on these functions, especially in the Internet related world. However, it is undeniable so that the corporate governance in Scandinavia is highly unprofessional. This both means that professional help is not yet very much asked for, and secondly that it should be impossible to get sane people to accept board responsibility for as little as most get in return. This is, however, changing – and again most rapidly within our focus industries.


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