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Professional Services Firms

The strategic core of our business is work for professional services firms, supplying them with advisors. This could be Management Consulting, Corporate Finance, Advertising, PR, Law, E-Commerce, or IT/S. The work for these firms allows us to identify and get in contact with the smartest business talents around at a rather young age. These talents we nurture and follow as their career develops.

These clients also have the ability to hire when they find the right talent, not just when they have an opening. This enables us to better help top candidates, who seek our advice, find good opportunities compared to other search firms that work for more traditional companies that mainly are looking for "vacancy filling".

The future will be e-based and the future is shaped right now in an unparalleled speed in business development. We are in the heart of this process, as we see that the prospective Internet managers are from the same pool we search our consultants. We’re also in this because we believe in it and want a piece of the action. As we often take some of our commission in stock, both clients and candidates can rely on us to deliver shareholder value.

Venture Capital and Private Equity based managers
The investors also need top analytical and strategic talent. In addition they double as indirect clients through their investment portfolio, often in the Software, Telecom and Internet sphere. That is why we work closely with these investors and have about 30% of our business from them.

Sector Leaders
The leading companies in each sector have often gotten there through focusing on recruiting the best talents. Through our focus on top candidates we also find it rewarding to work for the best brands in the IT and Telecom industry, thereby offering our candidates a full range of relevant choices.

We also work some other industries such as Media, Power, Biotech and Fast Moving Consumer Goods. This is, however, more related to personal interests and skills rather than the firm’s core concept. Believing that one should have fun at work and much of our work means contact with people we like and respect, we allow us this indulgence of strategic inconsistency. In addition we will work in other industries as well, if we feel our functional expertise makes us the best search partner for our client.


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